Who is Nadir on the Go?

Nadir Nibras is a multi-award-winning [1][2][3] travel filmmaker and content-creator. He has been capturing his travels with videos since 2016 and has gathered over 4+ Million followers on Social Media with his brand, Nadir On The Go. The Brand has catered to a diverse international audience with hundreds of productions created separately in two languages: English and Bangla. While the scope of the brand and the work we do has become bigger than one person, Nadir is still behind scripting all videos, solo-traveling to the destinations, filming and primarily editing all long-form videos .

What is the brand’s mission?

We aim to create productions that provide viewers a taste of travel to both popular and lesser-known destinations. We hope to spark curiosity about unfamiliar cultures, to encourage a better understanding of the world by learning the history of different places and their peoples, and to increase appreciation of our world’s natural beauty. 

How do I contact the team for business/partnership inquiries?

Please send an email to hello@nadironthego.com.

What Social Media platforms/channels are Nadir On The Go content released to? 

1) YouTube – Nadir On The Go (English)
2) YouTube – Nadir On The Go (Bangla)
3) YouTube – Food On The Go (English)
4) YouTube – On The Go – Raw (English)
5) Facebook – Nadir On The Go (English)
6) Facebook – Nadir On The Go (Bangla)
7) Official Facebook Fan Group – Team Nadir On The Go

8) Instagram (Main) 
9) Instagram (Bangla)
10) TikTok (English)
11) Tiktok (Bangla)
10) Medium

How can I support the brand and its mission?

The biggest and best thing you can do is following the videos and spreading the word about videos/content you enjoy. If you want to directly contribute to our mission, you can leave a contribution via PayPal as well.

Where can I find On the Go Merchandise?

Please visit https://nadironthego.com/collections/all

Can I purchase/license footage used in the videos?

Follow this link to access all original footage from the videos that can be licensed.

How can I license music used in the productions?

All the music used is licensed through Epidemic Sound. Sign up for Epidemic Sound here or check out the best tracks from my videos.

What languages are used in Nadir’s productions? How does he create productions in different languages?

Although older productions were exclusively in English, current ones are usually released in two languages, English and Bangla (Bengali). Every verbal/narration scene is filmed twice, in English and then in Bangla, and are then inserted in the relevant production during the edit, With very rare exceptions (i.e. two videos), voice-overs have never been used. 

Where is Nadir from?

He mostly grew up in Bangladesh, spent ten years in the US and has traveled around the world for several years. He is a digital nomad who doesn’t live in one place and has been living out of his backpacks since 2020.